An Element is an object (or group of objects) that can be serialized/deserialized.
If you want more than one object in an element, use deepSaving.

Per Element informations

You’ll have information about IElements you add to an archive. Going to Archives settings and expand an archive will throw them.

Last linked object

What was the last object that was using this elementID in this archive.


The last time where the object was connected to the archive. It help you keep track of IElement that have been deleted but have still data in file.


This archive will write its data to file when destroyed.


Default applyTransform setting for object that are not IElement neither deepObject. If set to Default the master’s general setting’s applyTransform is used.


This make this archive part of a static instance. More information on this page.


Some action to do on this archive, accept to validate.


The list of all IElement in this archive. See Element 

An Element in an archive setting.



It is an interface that return an identifier. It allow remote serialization (SerializeArchive…) and show the element in its archive.

You can reparent to a DTAe class or implement yourself IElement in the case you want to keep an other base class.
This is how you implement IElement :
– Add the DtAIElement interface to your class and compile (blueprint).
– Add a registerElement node to your event beginPlay and in your construction script if you want this to work in editor.
– Implement the function GetElementID, for enable all features do like in the picture below.
If you want to implement from C++ take a look at files : DtAimplemented.h and .cpp.

NoRemote is an option that make this element self controled, no remote node will (de)serialize it.’

How to implement IElement


Related documentation :  Identifiers

An ElementID is an identifier that represent an Element. It contain an ArchiveID for retrive its file.
It is valid only if its ArchiveID is valid and its hashed value is not 0 (is empty). It contain all information for access file’s data of an element or get an IElement (GetObject).

Limitations about hashed ElementID:

There is no limitation about using hash for an ElementID but it contain an ArchiveID that have Limitation (Bottom of this page).