DtAISerialisable is an interface that give to your objects events about serialization.
You can see them by
– Adding this interface to your BP.
– Compile.
– right click in eventGraph
– go in “AddEvent/DtArchive/ISerialisable”.
– One other is in a function form : DeserializeWithoutData.
From here you can handle what to do if there is a deserialization on this object but no data was existing, this will be usefull in some rare case.

DtAISerialisable have a function that is called for know if your object want to lock his serialization process, if you lock the serialization, that will not lock his deepObject’s save process and will copy his data from the last saved. In this case, no event will be called and that is just a pointer that is moved, realy faster than a serialization.
You can see how it’s done in the BP_Door_4.

DtAIComponent interface is used in case you need a component to have a contruct event (like a construction script). From here you CAN (they are not IElement) implement IElement because it’s really better to register elements in editor.
DtAIcomponent only work in an Actor_DTA, DTAIComponentOwner classes are actors that have only one goal, make work your DtAIComponent while DTAe will make them work and are Element.

ActorComponent_DTAe and SceneComponent_DTAe are DtAIComponent that are Element, they need an Actor_DTA.